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What Is Advanced Wound Care?

As seniors age, they become more susceptible to chronic wounds requiring specialized care to aid the healing process. The wound care process can be divided into two segments: general wound care and advanced wound care. What’s the difference between the two? Well, general wound care, also known as “traditional” wound care, is when you treat minor wounds using products found easily at your local convenience store or pharmacy. You might purchase general wound care products such as gauze, bandages, plasters, lint or wadding. In contrast, advanced wound care treatment involves the treatment of chronic or complex wounds using products that aren’t as easily obtained over the counter; individuals typically have to seek treatment from a doctor or hospital with an advanced wound care clinic to obtain advanced wound care.

Best Advanced Wound Care Products

Traditional wound care products like gauze, bandages, plasters, lint or wadding are used to treat minor wounds by stopping bleeding, absorbing blood or other fluid, drying the wound and preventing irritation of the wound as well as reducing the risk of infection.

Advanced wound care products take treatment a step further, facilitating oxygen flow to the wound while also providing a moist environment to help prevent necrosis – the death of cells and tissues surrounding the wound. Some of the best advanced wound care products include hydrogels, films, foams, hydrocolloids, alginates, sponges and fabrics. These products help with maintaining a stable temperature around the wound so it can heal more effectively. Similar to general wound care products, these products help protect wounds from infection, but they also serve to remove dead tissue, allowing new cells to generate, and they help to relieve pain during wound dressing changes.

Other categories of advanced wound care products include antimicrobial dressings, composites, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose gelling fibers, silicone sheets of cross-linked polymers and various forms of wound fillers.

When considering what advanced wound care product is the right option for treatment of your complex or chronic wound, the following should be taken into consideration: breathability, adhesion levels, repositionability, cooling, absorption and sterilization.

Explore Advanced Wound Care at Moweaqua Rehab

If you or a senior loved one needs help with the treatment of chronic or complex wounds, reach out to our staff at Moweaqua Rehabilitation & Health Care. We offer advanced wound care using only the best products and resources to ensure the wound continues healing properly. We understand that each situation and each complex wound is unique and our person-centered, individualized approach ensures that treatment is adapted to the specific needs of the patient.

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